Migrating to WordPress

How long have I been blogging with Xanga? I did a check just now, and found that I started with them on Oct 11, 2004.  In those days, Xanga was a popular blogging site. But soon after I started with Xanga, other sites like Blogger and WordPress entered the world of blogging in a big way. I stuck with Xanga, not because I wasn’t moved by the many cool features offered by these new players, but, well, because I didn’t want to be seen as a fickle person.

As time went on, these new players’ market share in the number of bloggers continued to soar, while Xanga kept being sidelined. Two years ago, my daughter jeered: How many people still blog with Xanga? Still I did not budge. I even imagined that people would respect me as a veteran blogger when they learnt about my blogging site.

But today I have to give in.  The more I discovered about these ‘newer’ blogging sites (of course sites like Blogger and WordPress are not really that new any more), the more I realised how straitjacketed I had been writing on Xanga.  But then why have I chosen to migrate to WordPress, not Blogger? Well, the reason is simple. My name has already been registered by someone else with the same name on Blogger! (I couldn’t help thinking when I found out about that: Is this a joke?)

Yes, I would like to have all my old entries in one and the same blog, but Xanga doesn’t allow exporting (for fear of an exodus?). Hence, if you’re interested in my posts from Oct 2004 to June 2009, check out my old site at http://www.xanga.com/szepaul/


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