Do you say “Big Mac” in English or Chinese?

Actually, there is a sequel to yesterday’s post. Yesterday, I had lunch with 5 professional colleagues from a publisher. I took the opportunity to poll them on how they would say “Big Mac” at a McDonald’s. They all said they would say it in English, not in Chinese.

In the afternoon, I stopped by a McDonald’s to check their preference, and was amazed to find that on their promotion posters, they use the English term “Big Mac” only. They only use the Chinese term on their regular menu board.

In the evening, I polled my two children and my wife, and all of them said they would say it in Chinese. Now I’m confused. Who would say “Big Mac” in English; who in Chinese? Why?


5 thoughts on “Do you say “Big Mac” in English or Chinese?

  1. I’ll say ‘Big Mac’ is all I want is just a burger, but not the combo. I’ll probably say the combo set number to keep things short.
    But the fact is I haven’t taken any food from McDonald’s for a few years.

  2. Olive

    I agree with Janet. I think people almost always say the number when ordering the meal set, not an individual burger, just to save time and avoid confusion. And I believe most people I know will order in Chinese, not English, coz somehow ordering in English sounds a bit proud. (“inch” in Cantonese :P) I mean, who would say “McNugget” instead of Mc-Lok-Gai to a cashier in Mcdonald’s?

    Of coz, people order coffee in Starbucks in English. But again, McDonald’s is for grassroots people, and anyone who would order a $3x dollar coffee from Starbucks isn’t grassroots. XD It’s becoming a sociolinguistic topic~

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