A lunch, a card, and a most satisfying chat

Icy wrote about her delight in receiving a thank-you card from a student, N:


 Allow me to brag about it: I was another recipient of the card from N.

 N had invited Icy and me to a lunch to thank us. Well, N didn’t need to thank us because we hadn’t really done anything. But we promptly accepted the invitation because N is a special student to Icy and me, and we thought we would enjoy a lunch with her. It turned out that the two-hour lunch was one of the most enjoyable and satisfying lunches I had had for months.

Not because of the food, because I was so absorbed in the conversation that there was no more space in my mind to bother about what I was eating.

Yes, it was the conversation with Icy and N that made it so enjoyable and satisfying.

These, I think, are the reasons (sorry for this uncool thing of listing):

– N has a few years of teaching experience. She has quite a few things to share. There is a lot of shared understanding between the three of us about the life of teachers.

– N didn’t get fixated on complaining about things (though we all have some grievances about our work); she shared with us the journey that she went through.

– N is a positive person and a devoted teacher.

– Though a teacher herself, N still displays glimpses of the innocence of a schoolgirl (hence, the card).

– We were able to share experiences and insights between ourselves as fellow teachers.

– We opened up and exchanged thoughts unreservedly.

– We all enjoy teaching.

– We all care about our students.

In all, this lunch that N initiated was a big gift already. And the card with handwritten thoughts was a most heartwarming bonus.


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