Support Cantonese

 At last, there is a public rally that interests me, and that has my support.

 Honestly, I’m fed up with the never-ending flood of political protests that are taking place day in and day out in Hong Kong. I’m now indifferent to all political protests.

But a rally that aims to support a language! What a refreshing change. People are rallying not for some vague political ideal, but for a language they love. What a cute mass movement it is!

 I hope we will see more of such rallies, where people fight for  ‘alternative’ issues.

To go back to the issue at hand, which is whether a TV channel in Guangzhou should be converted from Cantonese-speaking to Putonghua-speaking. Actually, I don’t have strong views one way or the other about the proposed policy itself. I don’t think Cantonese will begin to wither because of the switch, and while television will help spread a few catchphrases, I believe the real laboratory for linguistic development is society itself, where people experiment, stretch, and play with the language that they use and love.

 I don’t need to go into the beauty of Cantonese, or cite evidence showing the long history or refinedness of Cantonese. I don’t need to point to the number of languages that have died since the beginning of human history. There are language experts who will do that. I just want to applaud any effort by any people to preserve a language that they love. And of course, Cantonese is a language that I love.


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