Epilogues, and food for thought for Easter

I am in the process of writing the epilogue for the book co-authored
by Dr Benjamin Au Yeung and me. I was looking up some sample epilogues from the
books on my bookshelf. One of the books I picked up is a book written by a
former student. She was going through a difficult period of depression when she
was writing the book. I turned to her epilogue, and inside it I found the
following words, which were familiar to me. She was quoting something I said to
her, when we were discussing the goal of life. I said:

“I’ve come to believe
that the goal (of life) does not exist out there, waiting for us to discover.
The goal is what we create for ourselves. We may never attain our goal, or we
may change our goal one day, but it doesn’t matter. Once we have created a
goal, which could be as modest as being an upright person, then we have a
journey. And it’s the journey that makes life worthwhile.”

Yes, I said these words to her. And they came across as a good reminder
for myself when I re-read them yesterday, and I hope these words are food for
thought for some of us during Easter, whatever our religious orientations.


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