Dear Mr Leung: I don’t question your views; I question your integrity

The following is a message I sent to Mr Leung Chun Ying’s website tonight. I have to copy my message below, because messages written to him through his website will not show therein.


Dear Mr Leung

It is not that you don’t have the right to comment on Government policies. But if you do that openly, you should first resign from the Executive Council. As Convenor of the Executive Council, you are at the top of the Administration. In other words, you are part of the Hong Kong Government. Accepting the Government’s invitation to serve on the Executive Council brings with it prestige, privileges, and status, which you have enjoyed for years. Your responsibility as a member of the Executive Council is to advise the Government on public policies within the administrative system. If you, as you have claimed, want to raise the people’s concerns to the Hong Kong government, then do it WITHIN the Executive Council. Members of the Executive Council are responsible for the COLLECTIVE decisions that they make. Publicly criticising Government policy is the responsibility of Legislative Councillors, not yours. If you do not wish to abide by the rule of the game, or if you find that you are at odds with Government policy most of the time, you should quit.

I don’t question the views that you have been voicing. But I question your integrity.


Paul Sze


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