Mr Leung Chun Ying’s response to my challenge

Mr Leung Chun Ying replied to my message last night. To be fair to him, I copy his response below, and let you, the reader, judge the validity of his arguments:


Dear Mr Sze

Many thanks for sharing your views.

First of all, let me say that the “rule of the game” does not prohibit a non-official member of the Executive Council from commenting on current affairs before a policy decision is made by the CE-in-Council – and for that matter, not all government policies go thru Exco. It is simply not possible as Exco only meets once a week, for half a day, and then there are holidays dotted around throughout the year. We are now in a 9-week recess.

My comments on the rights of Mainland mothers who bear the children of HK fathers is a case in point. As you know, there is no government population policy. As and when government  comes up with a draft policy, it will probably consult the public. There is nothing to stop a non-official member from commenting now to contribute to the policy formulation process.

All my colleagues who take part in public discussion, and there are too few of them, run the hazard of being criticized as not supporting government. Without naming names, what has been said of me could equally be said of my 3 other colleagues who have a clear position in matters relating to the elderly, the working class and public housing. Others chose to keep quiet. Their positions are often different from Government’s. I have no question about their integrity.

By the way, nothing I have said publicly draws on government confidential information.

Many thanks again.



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