Make this year one of the most memorable years of your life

The picture below was taken from one of the albums posted on Facebook by the
graduates of my last year’s fulltime Primary group. The owner of this
particular album, Denise, added the caption: “Can’t believe we only met a year

Of course, I fully understand what Denise meant. At the first class of last
September, they were total strangers to each other. A year later, they have
become like sisters who have grown up together in the same family for the last
twenty years. Yesterday before and after the PGDE graduation ceremony, it gave
me so much contentment seeing them stick together in running around the campus,
posing for photographs, and tossing their stuffed toys up in the air; and
hearing their laughter and shouts everywhere. It was a very happy day for them,
because they had each other. It was a happy day for me, because I felt like a
father (or grandfather) who has lots of lovely daughters (or grandchildren).

During the last year, they have gone through many things together: the citizenship
assignment, and many many more assignments; hundreds of lecture hours; the
immersion programme, the micro teaching, the Language Proficiency Assessment
for Teachers, and the Teaching Practice. But they stuck together, and supported
each other. Out of all the working together, playing together, and occasionally
lazing around together grew their strong sisterhood. I hope this last year will
remain one of the most memorable years of their lives.

Katy prefaced her FB album as follows:


Again, I fully understand what Katy meant. Of course, it was not exactly a year of rest
for Katy. But compared with fulltime work (in particular fulltime teaching),
fulltime study is far less stressful. And it is absolutely true that studying
will rejuvenate any one of us. And not to mention the opportunity to make great

So to the 20 wonderful student teachers in my fulltime group this year, I’d say: This
could well be the last opportunity in your life that you can study on a
fulltime basis. Make the best of this year. Work hard, and play hard. Grab
every minute to learn, and every second to bond with each other. Make this year one of the most memorable years of your life.

To see my album of the 2011 PGDE Graduation ceremony, go to:


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