Keeping the departed company

Last night in a funeral parlour, I did somethng for the first time. I had not been very close to the departed person, a relative, and there were few people to talk with. After a while, my mind began to wander. Then, I had an idea. I said in my mind to the departed: “You’ll be going to another world which I know little about. In the next 15 minutes, let me keep your soul company.” Then I cleared my mind of all clutter and filled my mind with only one picture for the next 15 minutes: we were sitting quietly on a bench in a park together, enjoying the breeze. Afterwards, I found it a sanctifying experience, and I slept very well last night.


One thought on “Keeping the departed company

  1. In some cultures, they call it “journeying”, sometimes they do it accompanied by drumbeats or rattles. Seems like u have the gift to be a shaman? Like Angaangaq. 🙂
    – Jimmy Pong

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