I’m proud of you Mable

This afternoon, I attended the award presentation ceremony at PolyU, where Dr Mable Chan, a former PGDE student, received the Faculty Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching. At PolyU, they have only one recipient from each Faculty. Mable is working at the English Department within the Faculty of Humanities. In effect, Mable has been recognised as the best teacher in the entire Faculty of Humanities. Not long ago, I was in the same auditorium, witnessing Mable’s receiving the same award from the then President Poon Chung Kwong.

This afternoon as I was sitting in the auditorium, I recollected those scenarios with Mable in them: the PGDE class sessions (I still remember in one session she was so tired that she couldn’t help dozing off!), the lesson observation, her starting to teach at PolyU, her application to study for a PhD, our lunch at the PolyU staff restaurant, the first time she received the Teaching Excellence award … and how jubilant she looked this afternoon. We didn’t meet very often in the last ten years, as we are both usually very busy. But interestingly, the unspoken connection has always been there. And when Mable knew about her obtaining the award again, she knew that I would be very happy for her and I would put aside everything in order to attend her ceremony.

When I saw her this afternoon, I said: “If you hadn’t invited me to this ceremony, I would have been cross with you.” Of course we both knew that would never happen.


5 thoughts on “I’m proud of you Mable

  1. Annie

    Seeing students achieving something is as rewarding as achieving it yourself! Obviously, you are someone who has affected mable a lot and is significant!

    I hope one day I could be someone who makes you proud !

  2. Mable

    Can’t imagine that I have a place here in your blog, thanks very much Paul. I couldn’t remember that I dozed off in class :). Thanks for remembering our encounters, and thanks for being part of my life, love you so much. Hi Annie, you are right, all students should be proud of having Paul!!

  3. During that time, as a secondary school teacher you were very stressed out with your school work. In one sesson, you were so tired that you couldn’t help dozing off. I didn’t wake you up because I knew you were extremely exhausted.
    And I still remember this lesson you taught which took place at one end of the balcony!
    The only thing I didn’t remember though you told me about it was your PhD supervisor: Was it Vivian Cook?

    1. Mable

      Amazing, you have vivid memories of everything related to your students. It’s Professor Vivian Cook (second language acquisition) and Professor Roger Hawkins (generative grammar) in year 1. Then, it’s mainly Professor Roger Hawkins after Vivian retired (he’s now at University of NewCastle) though Vivian still helped me unconditionally, another two great scholars I appreciate so much!! Thanks Paul 🙂

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