Not opting to be politically correct

Dear Mr Chugani
I applaud your directness in criticising Leung Ka Lau of his irresponsible behaviour in the incident concerned. I don’t have a personal grudge against Mr Leung, but legislative councillors and public figures should bear in mind that they have no privilege over other people when it comes to basic social behaviour.
It may not be politically correct these days to criticise a legislative councillor, but thank you for not opting to be politically correct.
Paul Sze
A reader

One thought on “Not opting to be politically correct

  1. Michael Chugani replies:

    Dear Mr Sze, thanks for your email and for reading my column. I too have no personal grudge against Dr Leung and he has, in fact, been on my show once before. But it was extremely irresponsible of him not to give me even a little advance notice that he won’t be coming. It put me in a very difficult position since we had a full camera crew and a booked studio for the recording.

    Best wishes,


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