In Buddha’s company

I wandered into a local temple after the conference in Bangkok. It is not one of those wellknown temples frequented by tourists. But it turned out to be a special experience.

In the middle of the temple was not one Buddha statue but two, one behind the other. The one in front was in gold and it was sitting literally in the limelight. The one behind was larger in size and was grey and it receded into the darker back of the temple. Suddenly this is the image I see:

The one in front is our worldly self. He is beautiful and full of life. The one behind is our reflective self. He is quiet and thinking. He is guilding and protecting the worldly self.

At that moment I am firmly convinced that the Buddha is within us. The Buddha is us. Every human life has the capacity for sacredness.

Then for the next twenty minutes I cleared my mind of all clutter and closed my eyes and I pictured myself sitting with the Buddha in front of me. We are together and we are one.

It felt so good that i didn’t want to leave.


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