Those days when you truly taught from the heart

THIS has been a week of mixed sentiments for my fulltime student teachers, as they prepare to say goodbye to their Teaching Practice students. Many of them have tasted the joys and tribulations of teaching for the first time, so the TP will likely come down as an unforgettable chapter of their life.
What about you? Do you still remember the days when …
– you could see the genuine smiles on th…e students’ faces;
– any tedious ‘present’ from a student was an invaluable treasure to you;
– you would cherish every letter and card sent to you by the students;
– you would write back to every student who wrote to you;
– you had to suppress your tears in the last lesson;
– even the most naughty student suddenly looked lovely to you;
– you promised to return to the school to see them later if you could;
– you made a small souvenir for every one of them; and
– you forgot that teaching was a salaried job? …
You may not be doing any of these things any more today. But as long as you still remember some of these things, you should still be proud of yourself, for even though today you are so overburdened that you are only struggling for survival, there was a time when you truly taught from the heart!

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