An uplifting experience in Foshan

Had a most uplifting experience today visiting a primary school in Foshan, meeting with the panel of 15 energetic and devoted English teachers, and observing a P3 lesson that completely blew me away. The children were using English in speaking and writing that not even all S1 students in HK could produce; and they so enjoyed learning English. The teacher’s teaching competence would easily earn her a teaching award in Hong Kong, and she so enjoyed teaching English. This is testimony that good teaching does make a difference. And good teaching comes from good teachers.

And this is not a school for rich kids. The children come from ordinary working-class families. But they have a panel of dedicated teachers who keep striving for excellence in their teaching. And that makes all the difference.

I’m really starting to worry about Hong Kong. In February last year, David Graddol made a public prediction that in seven years’ time, the average student in China would have better English than the average student in Hong Kong. From what I have observed so far, this day may really come. And it may take less than seven years.


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