Goodwill is priceless

I have a $51 mobile plan with Three that gives me 200 MB of data per month. Yesterday, when I received the monthly bill, I was shocked: the amount to pay was $220. I checked my usage record online: I overshot by 4MB. And it cost $55 for each extra MB.

I called the Three hotline and begged them to charge the extra 4MB at a preferetial rate. They refused. I threatened to switch to another ISP on expiry of my present plan. They still refused. So there was nothing I could do but pay $220 for an extra 4 MB, while my plan was $51 for 200 MB.

I have made up my mind to switch ISPs later, although the other ISPs may be equally mean. Many businesses don’t realise how priceless goodwill is to them. It’s easy to set a trap and rip a customer off and make a few hundred extra bucks. But once a business has lost  goodwill, customers will not turn back, even if it pumps hundreds of dollars into retaining them.

Experienced teachers know the importance of a good teacher-student relationship. Teaching unavoidably involves assigning unpleasant tasks to students once in a while. If students like you and respect you, they will be happy to cooperate, or even go the extra mile. If they don’t, you will lose them, literally and figuratively.


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