Standard working hours for teachers?

They are now talking about the possibility of legislating for standard working hours for manual labourers. But when will people start paying attention to the plight of teachers, who have endless working hours.

I was once challenged by a highly-workaholic teacher: ‘Why should teachers be given preferential treatment? What about doctors, accountants, company executives, etc., etc., who also work punishing hours?’ That is true: many people in society are overworked. And I’m not saying that teachers should be given preferential treatment. But this begs of question of what kind of life those of us in present-day society want. Do we work to the extent that we forget how to live? Are we unknowingly murdering our physical and emotional wellbeing?

But having said that, I have to admit that I’m also a workaholic, who has been trying to maintain some work-life balance, without much success.


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