The need for seeing meaning in one’s work

Yesterday, after the post-lesson discussion with the student-teacher whose lesson I had observed, I asked her how she was experiencing the Teaching Practice. She revealed that she had been working mechanically on a mechanical job for a couple of years before she joined the teacher-training programme, but currently she was enjoying her TP because she could put her heart and mind into her daily work. I joked that she should wait until she became a fulltime teacher before she made her conclusion.
But all the same, this reminds us that many people go into teaching because they want to find meaning in what they do. However, the ecology of the education system and the school as a workplace has made it more and more difficult for teachers to find meaning in their work. As a result, many of them feel demoralised, and burned out. This is very unfortunate. For me, we don’t need any additional, revolutionary, fanciful reform measures, to improve education. All we need is to do everything we can, to enable teachers to find meaning in their work. Then, everyone will benefit.

helping teachers find meaning


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