Do not seek praise; seek criticism

This year, some fulltime student-teachers asked to do a mock micro-teaching session before the ‘real’ one. This had never happened before. I was impressed with their learning attitude, and I gladly acceded to their request.

Of course, it meant extra work for them, and the possibility of exposing personal shortcomings in their lesson planning and implementation. But I am certain that the mock which they volunteered to do was a useful learning experience for them, in terms of strengthening their self-confidence, learning what mistakes to avoid when being assessed later, and showing their teacher (that’s me!) that they’re courageous enough to stand up to challenges.

In the book titled ‘It’s not how good you are; it’s how good you want to be,’ there is a piece of advice which is useful for people who strive for excellence: ‘Do not seek praise; seek criticism.’


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