Tribute to great teachers

Dear Principal Siu and staff of SKH Tak Tin Lee Shiu Keung Primary School

I write to express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in your school’s 10th anniversary of SimCity. It was a most joyful and rewarding experience to me, as I had the chance to witness the wide range of talents of your students. I consider myself the luckiest person of the afternoon because without much investment of effort myself, I could enjoy the results of many hours of labours by your staff and students.

As an English Language educator, I am particularly impressed with the self-confidence and ability of your students in using English for genuine communication. I know that their superb language performance did not come about by accident, but has everything to do with your team of highly professional and dedicated English teachers. This is especially admirable since most of your students probably come from typical rather than wealthy families in HK, and they certainly owe their excellent English to the great effort of their teachers. 

And of course, what made the afternoon very special to me was the chance to catch up with my outstanding former students serving in your school.  

All the best.

Paul Sze





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