Justifying my purchase of a Kindle eReader

We guys are good at finding excuses for buying yet another electronic gadget (just as ladies are good at finding reasons for buying yet another handbag). So I easily talked myself into ‘needing’ a Kindle. Below is the evidence I have amassed so far in proving that I did right in spending HKD1240 on a 2013 4GB Kindle Paperwhite:
1. When I go to the Starbucks, I can take my whole collection of ebooks with me. I can dip into one book, then another, and another ….
2. I can adjust the font size whenever I want to.
3. It has zero glare, unlike an iPad. So it does not tire the eye.
4. Press a word for 2 seconds and its dictionary definition will pop up. The word will then automatically go to my personal vocabulary builder.
5. The vocabulary builder can turn the words I’ve looked up into flash cards for revision.
6. Highlighted phrases and sentences will be stored in a special folder for future reference.
7. The Kindle will help me look cool when I read in public places.
8. Some two-to-three-year-old bestsellers come in very cheap Kindle version. I bought my Kindle version of ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’ for USD2.99. At Commercial Bookstore, the paperback version costs HKD120.
9. The same Kindle ebook can be read on a Kindle and all personal mobile devices at the same time using the Kindle app (Android tablets/phones; iPhones/iPads).
10. There are older eBooks on the Internet which are free (some could be pirated, though). I’m now re-reading 白先勇的《台北人》 for free.
11. I easily found the next Kindle book I’m going to buy from Amazon: ‘Siddhartha’ by Hermann Hess, which I first read at age 25.

Conclusion: I made the right move in buying a Kindle.

(Postscript: I am not a paid blog writer for commercial enterprises.)


One thought on “Justifying my purchase of a Kindle eReader

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