What do you call a politician in Chinese?

英文說從政的人,是politician, 此詞可以是中性,可以畧帶眨義。中文没有對應的詞。牛津高階詞典譯作’政治家’,這不妥當,要達到英文statesman的水平,才可稱’政治家’。


如果一個 地方的語言反映它的文化…


2 thoughts on “What do you call a politician in Chinese?

  1. Andrew Lyf

    Paul Sir,

    politician 語義有時是中性,有時略帶貶義,所以很多時候詞典的譯法會酌量處理,在 politician 的定義下一般會多給幾個對應詞,讓讀者在碰到該詞時有多一點選擇,而出現 politician 的例句則要視乎實際情況。

    沒錯,「政治家」理應是 statesman 才合理,然而有些例句在 politician 前加了一些褒義的修飾詞,如 a well-known politician,有可能會譯作「政治家」,若換了 a notorious politician,則會譯作「政客」,其餘只提及到 politician 卻沒有明顯的好與壞,要看句子意思,可譯作「從政者」或「政治人物」,「從政者」是把 politician 視為一種職業,「政治人物」則視為一種社會身分或地位。

  2. Thanks Andrew for your input. I think 「從政者」comes closest to ‘politician’ when the word ‘politician’ is not used with any connotation. Maybe we should add that translation to bilingual dictionaries.
    The other thing is, as you said, we can use an adjective to describe a politician, such as ‘a respected politician’, ‘a corrupt politician’, etc. But in Chinese we have the established words (詞): ’政客’和‘政棍’ (which do not require qualification by an adjective). So, I’ve been wondering whether that says something about the culture of politics in Chinese communities.
    Thanks again for your input.

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