Have I lost my mobile phone?

This afternoon, after the lesson observation and the post-lesson discussion, I left the school in a hurry, in order to get a belated lunch. After 20 minutes behind the wheel, I reached for my mobile phone in my briefcase. But the phone was nowhere to be found. I had a panic attack, not so much for the HKD5600 I had spent on my Samsung Note 3, but for my FB and email accounts, and the contacts, that anyone who found the phone could access. I pulled over and searched my briefcase carefully again. I also scanned the interior of the car. The mobile phone could not be found.

Then I remembered that during the lesson, I took a few pictures of the lesson with the phone. I must have left it at the desk where I sat.

I sped all the way back to the school, ran up to the classroom and then to the desk in question. The desk was empty.

Then I thought it might have been picked up by the student who returned to that seat after the lesson, or a janitor who cleaned up the classroom after the last lesson. They would have left it with the general office.

I got hold of Charmaine, who was having her Teaching Practice at the school, and Gavin, a former student who is now teaching at the school, to see if they could help. They accompanied me to the classroom to check again. They couldn’t find it either. I suggested we should go to the general office to enquire about it. They, however, suggested that I might have dropped it in my car. I was quite sure that it was not in my car, since I had checked earlier. Nevertheless, I acceded, and we went to the car together. Charmaine called my number twice, but we heard nothing. They suggested that we search the inside of the car carefully again.

At that moment, I caught sight of the white edge of a gadget. My mobile phone had been lying in a crack under the seat next to the driver’s, and it had been out of sight from the driver’s seat. It was then 4:00 pm, and the next thing that came to mind was that I needed a good overdue lunch to cure me of my panic attack.


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