Father and daughter

In last night’s episode of Castle, Jill, a kindergarten teacher, out of indiscretion, had slept with John, a playboy. She got pregnant. When John found out about it, the prospect of becoming a father completely changed him, and he decided to fold his sex business. But two months later, he was murdered. At one point of their investigation, Beckett and Castle suspected that Jill was the murderer, and decided to break the news to Jill’s father. Jill’s father was a moralist crusader, and on hearing about his daughter’s affair, got completely devastated.

Later in the story, Castle and Beckett found the real culprit. In the last vignette of the episode, Jill, Beckett and Castle were having a chat in the police station. Then Jill got up to leave. At that moment, Jill’s father appeared out of the elevator. ‘Would he still support and love his daughter?’ Beckett wondered. As you will recall, Castle had a teenage daughter, so he knew what the answer would be. As the father of a daughter myself, I knew what Castle was going to say. He was going to say:

‘A father would do anything for his daughter.’

And he did. (And then the father put his arm around his daughter’s shoulder, and walked into the elevator together.)


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