Voices from the frontline: Narratives of non-native English speaking teachers

GOOD news:

Professor Icy Lee and I have been writing a book in which we tell stories of second language teachers and educators. The book draft, with the tentative title ‘Voices from the frontline: Narratives of non-native English speaking teachers’, has just been accepted for publication by The Chinese University Press, and the book will come out in a few months.

In this book, Icy and I tell true stories from our long career in second language teacher education. Some of these true stories happened to ourselves; some of them are the stories of our student-teachers, and our teacher-students. Our stories show how we ourselves have developed as teacher educators, and the teachers’ stories celebrate the creativity and achievements of language teachers, as well as acknowledge the trials and tribulations that they often go through under unfavourable teaching circumstances.

Icy and I dedicate this book to the hundreds of wonderful language teachers that we have worked with over the years, and the thousands of untiring language teachers out there. We hope this book will give you inspiration and strength on your journey of language education, which will invariably meet you with gratification as well as frustration.

Watch this space for further developments.


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