Blending with students

Some PT PGDE students invited me out to dinner. They took me to an eatery which was a totally alien place to me – a Korean BBQ restaurant on the 13th floor of an inconspicuous building on Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok. The place had a highly youthful and vibrant decor, and indeed I immediately noticed that I was the most senior citizen inside. The servers were young and cheerful. In fact, one of them was a young, cute, Korean guy.

Another eye-opening thing was that my PT PGDE students, all of whom are working in schools already, suddenly all turned into S6 students – their looks, their playful banter, their strong interest in eating, and their appetite. The only thing was that I couldn’t pass for an S6 form teacher any more.

And the most delightful part of the evening was that they had forgotten I was their teacher, and treated me like a classmate. And so I gladly and dutifully paid my portion of the bill.

20140518 PT dinner Korean


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