Anti-depressants for teachers

Teaching is a highly stressful job. What are your favourite activities or things for winding down?

Here is the list of Christine Pearson Casanave and Miguel Sosa, two language educators in Japan, who wrote ‘Respite for Teachers: Reflection and Renewal in the Teaching Life’ from which Icy and I drew a lot of inspiration for our book on non-native speaking English teachers’ stories.

Do some of their items click with you?

Anti-depressants for Christine and Miguel:

– Sunlight
– Conversations about good books and films
– Cheerful students
– A baby’s face
– Dark chocolate and excellent coffee
– Ocean views
– Uninterrupted time for walking or reading
– Students who teach us something we didn’t know
– A long-distance phone call from a dear friend
– Honest criticism that inspires us to do better
– Knowing that one has done one’s best on a difficult task
– Doing volunteer work.
– Exercise to the point of exhaustion
– Reading Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’ Dictionary
– Knowing that other people trust us
– An attentive listener
– A note of appreciation from a former student
– A genuine question from a student or colleague
– The laughter of a friend
– Students who laugh at one’s quip
– Students who stay awake in class
– An engagingly taught lesson
– Eccentric students
– Small classes
– A shy student’s first comments in class
– A real conversation with a student outside of class
– A student who goes on to graduate school
– A full day off
– A kitchen soaked with spices, herbs and fine oils
– A refreshing drink after a long day
– A crescent moon through the kitchen window.


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