How free are we?

Someone posted the above quote on Facebook, originally by another FB user, Kate Northrup.

Don’t we all want to lead this simple life? Yet, the irony is that such a simple life has become a big luxury in present-day society.

Yes, we all need to make a living. But how many of us would stop when we have earned enough money for basic survival, in order to start living?

Invariably, we continue to busy ourselves with doing more, so that we can ‘achieve’ more. That is our conscious choice. Yet, once in a while, we  envy the life which allows us to sit by the window to read when it rains, and paint because we want to, not because we have got something to prove.

Are we living in a free society? How do we define ‘being free’? We’re supposed to have the freedom to choose. And yet, we don’t choose the life we envy. Instead, we follow everybody else’s footsteps.

Yes, we would claim to live in a free society. We have many kinds of freedom, and yet we squander away the most precious kind of freedom – the freedom to live the life that we really want.


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