Learning from children

Today, I had a lesson observation at a school which serves children from ethnic minority groups. The children come from at least 7 ethnic backgrounds. They are different in terms of appearance, first language, religion, habits, etc. Yet, they not only have no difficulty getting along with each other; instead, what I witnessed was a strong spirit of mutual caring and support, an ethos that I don’t often see see in local schools. The children are not bothered by their differences at all. They’re demonstrating that their being together is much much more important than their wrangling with their differences.

When I was leaving the school, I couldn’t help thinking that we adults ought to learn from these innocent children. We have lost the ability to resolve conflicts and reconcile differences. We’re so obsessed with ‘winning’ and ‘being right’, that we easily forget how blessed we are that there are other people in the world.


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