Memories, prompted by students

Do you have a similar experience?

One person who came to my talk at the Book Fair on Thursday was a student from the first school where I taught. Well, that was well over 30 years ago. I was thrilled to see him among the audience since, although his present job does not require a specialist knowledge of English, he still has a strong interest in English. After the talk, he wrote to me and reminisced about some of the scenarios from my English lessons. Some of those vignettes have slipped my memory, but HE has remembered. For example, I remember using songs in my teaching once in a while (singing English songs was still a popular pastime among young people at that time). But he could even name a couple of the songs I used,like ‘You light up my life’!

Something which was trivial to us in our teaching might have made a deep mark in a student’s mind. And it’s years later when this former student brings it up that we’re aware that we have said or done a certain thing.

Do you have this kind of experience?


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