Good teachers are angels

Good teachers are angels – they teach from the heart, and thus bring meaning and love to their students’ lives.

Daphne is one such angel. In her adolescence days, she already wanted to become a teacher one day, so that she could support the development of young children. After secondary school, she stumbled on legal studies, but soon realised where her real passion lies. So, while on graduation her university buddies all became lawyers, she chose to become a teacher.

Soon she tasted some of the realities of teaching: endless working hours; backbreaking workload; tedious non-teaching duties; incompetent school leadership; staffroom politics; demanding parents ……

But none of these weakened her determination to become a good teacher. She has only one motive – to make a difference in her students’ lives. This motive was so sturdy that she was not disheartened by the sometimes unprofessional and uneducational practices and phenomena in education and in schools that surrounded her. Later, she even switched to a school with a mainly working-class intake, where her contribution would make an even bigger difference in children’s learning.

But Hong Kong is going to lose one such fine teacher, as Daphne will embark on another chapter of her life.

Yesterday, I couldn’t hide my sentiments as I bid her farewell, since I was not sure if I would ever cross paths with her again. But I have to comfort myself with the thought that if Daphne succeeds in becoming a teacher in that far-off land, there will still be other children in the world whose lives will become more colourful and meaningful because of her creative teaching and loving care. And if for some temporal reasons she cannot continue as a teacher, there will still be an angel walking the earth, bringing meaning and love to every human soul that she touches. The world will still be a more beautiful place because of her.


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