An outstanding 師妹


Some years ago, there was a teacher, called Winnie, in my PT PGDE (primary) group. When I found out the school where she was teaching, I was thrilled. I said to her, “Winnie, did you know that 40 years ago, I went to your school as a student?”

Smiling, Winnie said, “Paul, did you know that I also went to this school as a student some years ago?”

A few weeks later, I stepped into my own primary school for a lesson observation. This was a very rare scenario as the observer, the observee, and the students had been, or were then, students of the same school! I was teaching a teacher-student who went to the same primary school after me. And now she was teaching groups of children who came to the same primary school after her. This visit evoked so many fond memories of my primary school days that I created a digital story titled “We are all one” and put it on Youtube afterwards.

My teacher-student relationship with Winnie did not end with her completion of the PGDE. A couple of years later, she pursued the MA ELT at CUHK, and I had the good fortune of having this 師妹 as a student again.

But Winnie is a totally devoted teacher, and she did not stop her quest for how best to help her students after obtaining her first higher degree. This time, she took a plunge in a totally different discipline, and went for a higher degree with PolyU’s Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. In a way, I was not terribly surprised by her decision, as this move converged with her lifelong desire to be of service to disadvantaged children. She had been sacrificing her summer holidays for several years in a row to do volunteer summer teaching in poverty-stricken countries in Asia and Africa.
Winnie has now completed her Master’s in Guidance and Counselling with flying colours, and I am so happy to learn that she has even made it to the Faculty Dean’s List, which she fully deserves. Winnie affirms:

“Hurray! 無奈+意外令這生人用最長時間完成這個學位,但我沒甚麼遺憾;而最後竟獲Dean’s Honours List 真是意料之外!最難得是得到2位大師兄施敏文教授(Paul Sze )及歐耀佳醫生的推蔫信才能成就此事,真的感激又感動!
感謝神,10年前在非洲面對學生的經歷,促成我決心回港報讀這個program, 而這個課程卻幚助我重新檢視生命和成長!想過再讀博士,但…我更願意有生之年踏遍更多發展中國家,透過教育去empower 兒童婦女,繼續我的非洲夢!”



One thought on “An outstanding 師妹

  1. B

    Some years ago, I went to this school as a student too – Winnie was teaching me – and a few months ago, I went there as a student-teacher – and Winnie was my mentor! So for me we had mentor, mentee and students all from the same school. I’m sure my classmates and I can all tell how whole-hearted Winnie is – even if the teaching practice was just a week long.

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