Do we need work-life balance any more?

A few days ago, I wrote about teachers’ crushing workload. Two days ago, I posted a picture about Christmas, hoping to cheer them up a little. However, these were the responses I got:
” …其實……我真的很累了…..”
” I am exhausted, too. Not brave enough to read the to do list.”
” Paul, i almost cried while reading this status after 10 hours of f6 tutorial and test paper marking….”
“… just left school. 頭先我在學校係想哭的”
” …身心俱疲–殘過殘花敗柳的老師們,十一月中了,還有力氣嗎?”
” Feel drained almost every working day …”
Sure, some people will say, What about people in other jobs? Don’t they also work very long working hours?
Yes, I’m aware of that. But it doesn’t mean this is a normal and healthy situation. When will HK people understand the importance of work-life balance, and do something about it? It isn’t the case that the longer hours we work, the more productive we will be. In fact, very often, less is more. And I’m not even asking these more fundamental questions: What should we be spending our time on? How should we be living our life?
Last night, a former student sent me a private message on her way home after work:
“That’s me just heading home from work. Just wanted you to know that when I feel work is getting too much I read the kind words you sent me after my lesson observations and it helps me remember why I chose this profession.”
It was 10:31 pm when she sent me the message.

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