Collaborative lesson planning

Yesterday I joined the P5 English teachers of a school for collaborative lesson planning. I experienced first-hand what it was like when such a meeting was productive. The teachers were well prepared; they were eager to toss teaching ideas for others to chew on; they were willing to compromise when different ideas were brought up.

I wish other stakeholders in education, and people in other professions, had the chance to observe what a collaborative lesson planning session is like when it progresses in a professional manner. Many people think that teaching is simply converting textbook content to classroom teacher talk. There are even some school leaders who don’t see the importance of good classroom teaching, and for that matter, conscientious lesson planning. If people had the chance to see what a focussed collaborative lesson planning session is like, they might change their conceptions of teaching. They would see that professional teachers throw great efforts into preparing for lessons so that students can learn well. They would realise that teaching can be a highly professional enterprise, and then perhaps come to respect teachers a little more.

teachers preparing lessons at night


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