Kahoot for practising superlative adjectives

Here’s an e-learning activity idea that I’ve just come up with, and which I’d like to share with you.

In this morning’s workshop on e-learning for grammar teaching, Ms Jenny Leung concluded her presentation with a Kahoot game that she played with the entire audience. You should have been there to witness how excited the teachers were. Jenny’s 10 questions were about general knowledge, and some of them asked about the longest river in the world; the fastest train on Earth; the tallest tower Man has ever built, etc. The audience was excited because the questions had realistic and meaningful subject-matter content. This converges on one methodology in second language teaching, which advocates integrating content with language teaching. (A strong form of this methodology is called CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning.)

After the workshop, I recalled that quite a few of Jenny’s questions made use of superlative adjectives, such as longest, fastest, tallest, etc. Then I was struck by the following activity idea, for students to practise using superlative adjectives meaningfully:

1. Put students into groups. Each group is responsible for creating a general knowledge quiz containing (5) questions. The quiz is to be played on Kahoot.
2. The (5) questions should make use of superlative adjectives: the longest, the slowest, the biggest, the most difficult, etc.
3. Stress that they must use the correct superlative form in the questions. If in doubt, they should consult a dictionary.
4. They may need to do a bit of research (online or in the library) to come up with their (5) questions. They then create a Kahoot game containing their questions.
5. A few days later when the students are ready, let each group administer their question set on Kahoot, as a game for the whole class to play.
6. For added excitement, the teacher, or the whole class will vote on the best set of questions afterwards.

Potential merits of this activity idea:
– Little work by the teacher; a lot of work by the students;
– The Ss will pay a lot of attention to the correct form of superlative adjectives;
– It involves realistic subject matter research, which secondary students will find interesting;
– They like to challenge their classmates;
– The teacher can easily get several Kahoot quizzes;
– It’s a lot of fun for the whole class when the Kahoot quizzes are administered.

Potential problem:
– The Ss get overly excited during the game, and start arguing with each other.


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