My first Nearpod lesson

This is the Nearpod session, which I used in the first half of the double lesson on Relative Clauses that I co-taught with Ms Jenny Leung. It was a S2 class, and the second half contained a series of e-learning practice activities for students conducted by Jenny.

A Nearpod session can be used for a live teacher-led lesson, and can be carried out either in a computer room, or with iPads in an ordinary classroom. It can also be administered as a self-paced homework assignment but then you have to pay to use this function.

This was my first attempt to use a Nearpod session in a lesson, and there will be room for improvement. Do let me have your feedback, or share your experience with Nearpod with me. (To advance to the next slide, click the arrow at far right of the screen- at the middle; to go back to a previous slide, click the arrow at far left of the screen.


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