Throwing ourselves into our work

Yesterday afternoon, while walking in the concourse of the MTR Hong Kong station, a gentleman tried to stop me and asked if I was Mr Sze. I tried to recall who he was, but failed. Then he told me he was one of the students I taught in S4. (It was in 1991, at the last of the 4 secondary schools where I had taught.) As we continued to chat, all the fond memories of that year came back. Before we said goodbye, he told me that he had remembered me so well because of how I threw myself into teaching.

To be frank, I had heard similar compliments from former students several times, and to be frank, every time I heard that remark, I still felt a bit puzzled. On the one hand, I feel gratified. On the other hand, to throw ourselves into our teaching – Isn’t that what we should be doing when we work as teachers?


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