Weniger, aber besser

This is a German expression which I came across while reading “Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less”, and which I loved immediately. It means (according to the writer): LESS, BUT BETTER.0805 less but better

You will quickly tell what I’m alluding to if you’ve been following my posts lately. Many people have blindly bought into ‘The more, the better’ mentality in many areas of life, not to mention education. So, if we find that students are not doing well on a grammar point, for instance, we give them more exercises, more worksheets ……Very often, these additional exercises are simply mechanical drills which students rush through mindlessly, with the result that they still don’t do well on the grammar point. And our reaction? “Let’s give them even more worksheets and exercises …..”

What is the sensible solution? Weniger aber besser.

Of course, if we provide students with better work instead of more work, or serve them with better teaching, we need to do more thinking. But doesn’t ‘do more thinking’ make us more professional, and keep up our zest for teaching!

One parent bought four thousand dollars’ worth of workbooks of supplementary exercises from the recent Book Fair for her child to plough through in the summer holiday. I have a lot of sympathy with this poor kid. Summer holiday for the kid?


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