Gropers as suitors

So, these hilarious translations are REAL! In the past, when I saw pictures of comical English signs in China posted on the Web, I sometimes thought those pictures might be fakes.

A former student sent me a picture of the following signs which she spotted in a recent trip to Dongguan. Now, I’m convinced those crazy English signs did exist.

I tried translating some of the Chinese dish names in the picture with Google Translate and Baidu Translate, which did not return the exact English translations that we’re seeing. This suggests the translator did not fully rely on machine translation, and he/she did exercise his/her own translation judgments. Yet, ……

BTW, for 咸豬手, Google Translate returned “Groping”, which is close to the Cantonese slang meaning, though I don’t understand why Google Translate does not give us the literal translation. Baidu Translate also gives “Groping”, but the translator for the dish name changed it to the more literary “Suitor”. So, now, ‘gropers’ are elevated to ‘suitors’. Interesting, eh?

suitors & other dish names in Dongguan


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