Difficult students becoming friends

Just now, I stumbled on an inspiring piece of sharing by a teacher: “It’s not uncommon for former students to come visit me. However, this bunch is really ‘special’ … They were once my source of headache but now we are friends … we can basically talk about ANYTHING … From latest movies, school gossip, and now Puppy love …”
Every teacher will have their share of ‘difficult’ students, and although we know that as professional educators, we should be patient and understanding, there will be times, amid the innumerable urgent and stressful things that we have to deal with, that we wish these difficult students were not there.
This teacher’s sharing reminds us that for some students, being ‘difficult’ is part of the journey of growing up. (And some of us might have been difficult students once!) With that realisation, it may perhaps be easier for us to keep our cool when being confronted by a difficult student, and to persevere.

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