Teachers who have made all my preparation worthwhile

Honestly, preparing a lecture and a PPT filled with bullet points is not that hard to do. But it sometimes takes more than 10 hours to design and prepare for a three-hour workshop: thinking up task and activity ideas that really achieve the learning objectives; planning the lead-in and debriefing that help participants see the purpose of the activities and the learning points; allowing for team building and critical reflection and sustaining interest and motivation, and actually producing the task materials. The whole process requires pedagogical knowledge, experience, and creativity. And a bit of luck – when inspiration visits you at the right time.

But when you have participants like these teachers in Macao who take the various workshop activities so seriously and who participate so actively, it more than compensates for the hours I have put in.

img-20161008-wa0009 whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-15-11-02


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