The privilege of being a teacher of young children

On top of the valuable experience I have gained from trying out a series of e-learning activities with Zoe Chan in a real classroom, a big bonus from the collaborative small-scale flipped classroom project is gaining the affection of these lovely P4 students. I understand that occasionally, there will be difficult kids, but all in all, children are truthful and will relate to you in the most genuine manner. If they like you, they will let you know. And then you will be able to exert a great influence on them, as they will go the extra mile to win your acknowledgment, appreciation, and love. Hence, let those of us who work with children remember that this is in fact a privilege – the opportunity to make a difference in their journey of growing up. (Of course, I understand Zoe must have said quite a few nice words about me to the kids behind the scenes.)



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