Not everyone is vying for a Nobel Prize

It gave me a somewhat sinister pleasure to learn that Bob Dylan, as I had guessed, did not attend the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Sweden. Earlier on, the award committee had accused him of being impolite and arrogant as he had made no public response to express his excitement or gratitude to the committee. On Oct 31, he called the committee secretary, saying that the award was amazing and incredible, and how speechless he was on being selected for the award. He said he would attend the award ceremony, “if it’s at all possible”. But it was obvious from the language he used that he would not.

The award committee members in Sweden had forgotten that for a great, true, artist like Bob Dylan, the last thing he needed was another earthly decorative title . For him, his greatest pride and satisfaction come from his creative endeavours. It was the Nobel Prize committee members who were arrogant, with their condescending mentality.

Incidentally, when the Chinese press in Hong Kong reported Bob Dylan’s phone call to the award committee, they were apparently relying on the western English press, but they failed to read between the lines, did not see that Bob Dylan was bordering on being sarcastic, and then reported that Bob Dylan was truly grateful and would definitely attend the award ceremony. This is worrying.


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