The magical power of e-learning

This semester’s Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) course with the 33 MA teacher-students has come to an end. A few months ago, some of them signed up for this course just to keep up with the current e-learning policy. They never imagined that technology could do such wonders to the classroom. Now, looking back over the last 13 weeks, many of them have reported an eye-opening experience in their end-of-term reflections.

To me, technology is only a medium, but this medium opens up many pedagogical prospects that would not be possible in a traditional classroom. I know some teachers reject e-learning out of a sense of insecurity – they think they can’t harness the technical parts. But the fact is that the technical part is the last thing that teachers need to worry about, as ed tech tools have become extremely user-friendly today. Learning to use the apps, as the 33 teacher-students will testify, is a piece of cake. The fun and challenge lie in how to design lessons and activities that capitalise on the tools.

As shared by one of the teachers:

“….. It has been an amazing and fruitful journey to learn how different online tools can help with language learning. Truly I would say English learning is a fun and exciting experience with interactive and attractive online learning tools. This is something I have never expected before attending Paul’s lessons. With the knowledge of different tools, I am excited about designing my own activities and trying it out in my class. When you know you can make use of new tools that can motivate students to learn English, it would be hard for you to stop trying out more and more.”


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