What is the biggest gain from a professional development event?

Why is professional development so important for educators, when most of them are terribly stressed out already?

A former student attended a sharing gathering of innovative e-learning educators last night. She reflected on the experience: ”

“… The more intelligent people you meet, the more you realise you know so little. The world is so big and I am so little. You know what you really like when you step into a room with your exhausted body and mind and you leave being energised!”

Teaching can be a lifelong career. How can we keep up our passion and enthusiasm for years? Very often, when we go to a professional development event, it’s not like there is an easy classroom teaching recipe or magical formula that we can pick up and then apply in our classroom the next day. The biggest gain may be seeing other passionate educators (the speakers, and fellow teachers) and being inspired by them.

I still remember attending the talk on peer coaching by Harvard physics professor Eric Mazur 3 years ago, surrounded by hundreds of other energetic university teachers, and how I was amazed that a physics professor could also be so zealous about teaching. So, that’s why I also go to professional development events, as a learner. And here is one on Flipped Classroom I would go to next Saturday, and which I would recommend to people.



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