Practising what we preach

Professor Kamta was one of the speakers from the Faculty of Medicine in yesterday’s event. (It was a joint sharing session between the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Education). He started by apologizing for arriving late, as he had been making a life and death decision at the hospital.

We all know that clinical professors at a medical school are also practising doctors. On top of training medical students, they are still seeing and treating patients. (Of course, today, they also have to play the academia game of research and publications). I have on several occasions stated that this is a system I revere. They will be able to keep up with the latest developments in medical treatments. Their professional competence will continue to grow. It reinforces their credibility in their training of medical students and young doctors.
I strongly believe that university teachers in those disciplines that prepare people for the caring professions, such as social work, counselling, clinical/educational psychology, nursing, etc, should continue to practise on the frontline, even if this constitutes just a small part of their work. It enriches their teaching, and keeps up their professional stamina.
And of course I also have the field of teacher education in mind.

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