Is English difficult to learn?

Is English difficult to learn?

The school-based workshop I ran in Macao this afternoon was also attended by the Portuguese teachers at the school. At one point in the workshop, I was reporting on a lesson on comparative and superlative adjectives that I had taught some time ago. Then, I suddenly felt the urge to ask the Portuguese teachers whether in their language, they had such a complicated system for forming comparative and superlative adjectives (adjectives of 1 to 2 syllables; … 3 syllables or more; exceptional cases).

The Portuguese teachers gleefully gave me a quick lesson on how comparative and superlative adjectives are formed in their mother tongue — and it is such a complicated system. They rounded off by adding that in comparison, English is very easy to learn. (English is their second language.)

Well, this was not the first time I heard the comment that English is actually easy to learn, but it was the first time I heard the remark coming from the mouths of a group of non-English Europeans!

No wonder why English has become the global language. And for those students in Hong Kong who complain that English is difficult to learn, ……


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