Why are we putting ourselves in this scenario?

Recently, I asked a former student whether she was leading a happy life. I knew it would not be an easy question to answer. And indeed, she did have to do some soul-searching before she could come up with a response, which was multi-faceted. Then, I found myself saying to her: “If you’re not distinctly unhappy, you’re already quite OK in present-day society, which is full of stress, hostility, and(workplace) politics.”

But why do we have to put up with this not-distinctly-unhappy-is-already-not-bad scenario? If being happy is one major purpose of life, and a fundamental human need, why can’t we work together to build a happier world? Why do we have to keep up our hostility, prejudice, and hatred? What don’t we step back, and contemplate what exactly we are presently toiling for?



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