Summary of 《英該點講》(Proper English Pronunciation) Episodes

In this TV serial programme project launched by SCOLAR (Standing Committee on Language Education and Research) of the Hong Kong Government, I was the ‘proper pronunciation ambassador’. The TV programme was produced by, and aired on, ViuTV (June 29 – Aug 17, 2017),  The TV programme aimed to draw the attention of the general public in Hong Kong to certain tricky issues in the pronunciation of English. 

Summary of 《英該點講(Proper English Pronunciation) Episodes

Episode 1: Pronunciation of Past tense marker

Episode 2: word stress (e.g., triangle, rectangle)

Episode 3: Silent letters (e.g. Beckham; shepherd)

Episode 4: /ei/ and /u:/

Episode 5: /i/ vs /i:/ and schwa in unstressed syllables

Episode 6: wrongly inserted sounds (eg., ‘guidiance’ for ‘guidance’)

Episode 7: ‘th’ sounds in English

Episode 8: Pronunciation of special place names




Webpage on SCOLAR website:



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