Perfect lessons may not be the best stimulus for professional learning

The tryout lesson yesterday was far from perfect, but it was a useful professional development experience for me. I have been exploring ways to use technology to enhance the development of students’ higher–order reading skills. In yesterday’s lesson, I tried out a couple of e-learning tools and higher-order reading tasks, for the first time. The lesson revealed a few things I had not anticipated well enough, such as trying to cover too many activities in one lesson; not leaving enough time to guide students to reflect on a task after it was finished; not being prepared enough for technical hiccups, …
But these are useful reminders for future explorations.

(The methodology literature usually suggests using teacher-led questioning, or teacher’s think-aloud demonstrations, to develop students’ higher-order reading skills. Another common practice is to include higher-order items in the reading comprehension exercises. My observation is that less assertive/motivated students may not benefit much from such activities. This is an area where I believe technology might help, and that is what I’m exploring.)


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