(Since 2000; last updated: 2018-05-04)

2018-05-04           “Thriving on the text: Generating e-Learning tasks from a reading passage”;  Staff Development workshop with Ms Jenny Leung for the English Dept., HKCCCU Logos Academy.

2018-04-21          “Extensive reading on the go – English, English, everywhere”. Seminar for Primary and Secondary teachers; co-organised by SCOLAR and EDB.

2018-03-24       “Making the best use of texts: From sentence grammar to text grammar”. Seminar for Secondary English teachers; co-presented with Ms Jenny Leung; organised by OUP.

2018-03-6        “Language awareness: What is it, and what’s in it for y0u?”     A seminar for students of CUHK School of Continuing Studies.

2018-01-30       “Developing students’ higher-order reading skills”. Staff development workshop for the English Department, Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School

2017-12-12       Workshop on the teaching of workshop. A staff development event for the English Department, Escola Xin Hua, Macao.

2017-10-31               “Flipped Learning for English Language Teaching? What’s in it for me?” – A staff development workshop for the English Dept, Pak Kau College.

2017-10-24             “Enhancing English Language teaching with technology” – A workshop for the English Department, Holm Glad Primary School.

2017-10-14            “Making grammar teaching more effective: How language awareness training can help”; Workshop for teachers of English in Macao; organised by the Macao Association for the Advancement of English Language Teaching (MAELT)

2017-08-25         PD Workshop for the English Dept., Conservative Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School. Topic: The power and prospects of technology-enhanced language learning.

2016-10-08      PD Workshop for teachers of junior secondary English, organised by DSEJ, Govt of Macao. Topic: ‘The Basic Academic Achievements for English Language: Junior Secondary education: Implications for school-based curriculum development”

2016-8-24        Talk for parents: ‘The 2 routes to successful language learning’; organised by Oxford Path, OUP

2016-08-20                  Talk on language awareness for the general public; organised by OUP, with venue and publicity support by Commercial Press Ltd.

2016-07-15                  Staff development workshop for Escola dos Moradores de Macau. Themes:

  1. The BAA policy for secondary schools: What is it, and what’s in it for me?
  2. Using groupwork in the teaching of speaking

2016-07-09               “Peer lesson observation for professional development”:  Presentation in the Sharing Session for the Conclusion of a two-year curriculum pilot project in Macao

2016-07-04            “Phonics, Vocabulary, and the school-based English Language Curriculum: Reflections on Current Practice.”  A staff development workshop for the Affiliated School of the University of Macau. Attended by all English teachers from the Primary, and Secondary, Section, and all teachers from the kindergarten section.

2016-06-26                    “Sharpening students’ grammar sense through language awareness training”. A workshop presented at the Beijing International Teacher Education programme, organised by Beijing Normal University:

2016-06-22                  “Phonological awareness for young children”; a talk for parents, organised by OUP, under the Oxford Path series.

2016-03-05               Playing by the Rules: An e-learning workshop on language awareness training and effective grammar practice activities. A workshop for secondary English teachers; organised by OUP.

2016-01-15 & 22              “Language awareness training for enhancing students’ grammatical competence”. A workshop for primary English teachers, organised by OUP

2016-01 -12                     Commercial Radio’s interview with me on Language Awareness broadcast today.  (02:45; in Cantonese)

2016-01-12 & 19                   “The missing link in grammar teaching”; a workshop for primary teachers; organised by Oxford University Press.

2016-01-08                  ” Effective Writing Strategies for Upper Primary Students”, workshop for the English Dept., Zheng Guanying School, Macao.

2015-12-14; 15              “Teaching Reading and Writing in the Lower Secondary School”, a two-day workshop for Secondary English teachers from the Dongguan region; organised by the Dongguan Teacher Development Institute.

2015-11-28                 “Not what or how, but why: Reseeking purpose through BAA” A talk for primary and secondary teachers of English in Macau. Organised by the Chinese Association of Education in Macao.

2015-11-11                 “Characteristics of the English Language; and what’s in it for parents?” A talk for parents organised by Oxford University Press (Hong Kong).

2015-10-17               “How to sharpen your language awareness while on the go”, for La Salle College PTA Reading Club.

2015-10-14              “Why are games and activities important to young children learning English?” A talk for parents organised by Oxford University Press.

2015-09-16              “Two routes to successful language learning”  A talk for parents, organised by Oxford University Press.

2015-08-28             “What to do with technology in English language teaching”  A workshop for the English Dept, Sacred Heart Canossian School.

2015-08-19            “Why phonological awareness is important to young children.” A parents’ seminar organised by OUP.

2015-07-16          A talk for the general public at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2015. Title of talk: 行街學英文  (

2015-07-11          Joint sharing session by 3 schools of the 7 schools taking part in the Pilot Project for BAA Requirements in Macao.

2015-06-25      “Je ne parle pas English: Teaching Speaking is fun”; a workshop presented to the English Department, Kowloon True Light School.

2015-05-16; 06-18           Phonics for children: What, why, and how. A talk for parents organised by Oxford Path, Oxford University Press.

2015-04-30        Mind your head but beware of your hands? A talk on language awareness presented to all students at CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School.

2015-03-18     A talk for students at Carmel Pak U Secondary School: English and Englishes Around Us: Why Language Awareness in Important

2014-12-13; 12-14     Talk for parents: ‘How to help your children cope with English language learning in secondary school’. Organised by Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan)

2014-11-29       Seminar titled ‘Advancing ELT in Macao with the BAA Framework’ for English teachers from the 7 schools taking part in the Pilot Programme organised by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Macao SAR.

2014-11-26       Talk for parents: ‘The nature of the English language and implications for teaching and learning’. Organised by Oxford University Press, Hong Kong.

2014-11-11        Talk for S4 and S5 students at CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School: “From ‘Doors will open on the left – Why good communication skills matter’.

2014-11-06      Talk for parents: “The importance of games and activities for helping young children to learn English.” Organised by Oxford University Press, Hong Kong.

2014-10-21       Talk for parents: ‘Phonological awareness training for young children.’  Organised by Oxford University Press, Hong Kong.

2014-9-18/19      4 talks for teachers teaching English at Grade 7-9 levels. The 3 talks at Guangzhou organised by the Teaching and Research Institute, Guangzhou. The talk at Shenzhen organised by the Teaching and Research Institute, Shenzhen. Attendance at each talk: About 450 teachers

  • Reading and Listening as Input: Effective teaching strategies (Guangzhou)
  • Speaking and Writing as Output: Strategies for effective teaching (Guangzhou)
  • Culture and Reading: Conceptions and Teaching Strategies (Guangzhou and Shenzhen)

2014-9-3          Talk for parents: “The two routes to acquiring a second language.” Organised by Oxford University Press, Hong Kong.

2014-8-25         Talk for parents: “Phonics learning for young children.”  Organised by Oxford University Press.

2014 June and July     3 identical workshops for KS2 and KS3 teachers of English on “Developing autonomous learners through metalinguistic awareness training: The use of eTutor resources”. Organised by the Education Infrastructure Division, Education Bureau, Hong Kong Government. Co-presenter: Ms Flora Leung and Ms Karen Law of the Education Bureau.

2014-7-28                   Workshop for the English Department, Fung Kai No.1 Secondary School; topic: ‘Metalinguistic awareness for the teaching of grammar’

2014-6-28                  Talk for parents: Phonics Learning: What, Why, How. Organised by OUP.

2014-4-10                 Gave a presentation and commented on 3 open lesson observations at a professional development event at Zhaoqing, Guangdong. Topic: Tackling the reading texts and their new vocabulary in the coursebook. Audience: 600 junior secondary English teachers from Foshan, Guangdong, and Zhaoling. Jointly organised by the Teaching Research Institutes of the 3 cities.

2014-3-11                 A seminar for teacher participants in the Education Bureau’s  “Scheme of HK Teachers’ Exchange Activities to the Mainland”. Topic: ‘Towards a better understanding of ELT in China’.

2014-3-10                Speaker at a seminar-cum-workshop on “Assessment as Learning in the Writing Classroom: Strategies for Aligning Learning, Teaching and Assessment”; organised by the Assessment and Support Team, Education Infrastructure Division, Education Bureau. Other speakers: Professor Icy Lee (CUHK); Mr Sean McMinn (HKUST)

2014-3-1                  Gave a talk on how I learned English in primary school, in the capacity of guest of honour at the 10th SimCity English Activity Day, organised by the SKH Tak Tin Lee Shiu Keung Primary School.

2013-12-14              A seminar presentation titled ‘How to develop students’ confidence, fluency and accuracy in speaking English by a two-pronged approach’ at Learning and Teaching Expo 2013; with 4 teachers from Sacred Heart Canossian School: Ms Janet Law, Mrs Maria Chan, Ms Zenia Lau, Ms Elaine Cheng

2013-12-7                A talk for parents on ‘English Quotient for Excellence in Language Learning’; organised by Oxford University Press.

2013-11-26            A seminar titled ‘Extensive Reading in English Language Teaching’ to 600 Junior Secondary English teachers in Shenzhen; organised by the Shenzhen Education Bureau.

2013-11-16             A talk for parents titled ‘Phonics for young children: What, Why, How’. Organised by Oxford University Press.

2013-11-12             A talk titled ‘Towards Excellence in English Language Teaching in China’ for a group of primary English teachers in Guangzhou. Event organised by Oxford University Press.

2013-10-19             A talk titled ‘Phonological Awareness for Young Children’ for parents. Event organised by Oxford University Press.

2013-9-27             A talk titled ‘Making the best use of the reading materials in the coursebook’, for 400 Grade 8 Core English teachers in Guangzhou. Organised by the Teaching and Research Institute of the Guangzhou Education Bureau.

2013-9-25             A talk for parents on ‘Acquisition vs learning: What it means for helping your child to learn English effectively’. Organised by OUP.

2013-8-31              A talk for parents titled ‘What are we learning when we learn a second language?’  Organised by OUP.

2013-7-4              A talk for students at Sing Yin Secondary School. Topics: Is this English? – How language awareness can help improve your English

2013-7-3             Presentation on the importance of language awareness training at a press conference organised by Oxford University Press.

2013-6-23         Talk, titled ‘Phonics: What, Why and How’ for parents; organised by Oxford University Press (HK).

2013-6-19         Seminar on ‘Developing students’ listening skills with technology and eResources’; organised by Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha Seng Secondary School, for secondary school English Language teachers.

2013-4-26        A talk, titled ‘How language awareness can turn you into an effective reader’, to S4 and S5 students at SKH St Simon’s Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

2013-4-19       A talk, titled ‘Better Reading for Better English’, with Dr Benjamin Au Yeung to all S2 students at Wesley College.

2013-3-12       Seminar on ‘Towards a Better Understanding of English Language Teaching in Mainland China’ for particpants of the Scheme on Hong Kong Teachers’ Exchange Activities to the Mainland, organised by the School-based Professional Support Section, Education Bureau

2013-3-1  Seminars for 80 teacher-researchers (primary and secondary) in Guangzhou on ‘Developing ESL Teacher Standards for Guangzhou’; organised by the Teaching and Research Institute of the Guangzhou Education Bureau.

2013-3-1    Seminar for 300 core teachers from primary schools administered by the Guangzhou Education Bureau, on ‘Thriving on the new National Curriculum for English and the revised primary English textbook’, organised by the Guangzhou Teaching and Research Institute.

2013-1-28    Seminar on ‘From Good Teaching to Good Exam Performance: The case of TSA’, for the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Program (2003) of the Hong Kong Diocesan Schools; attended by principals, PSMCDs and English panels from the 56 primary schools managed by the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese.

2012-12-10     Taught a reading comprehension lesson and a grammar lesson at Fung Kai Secondary School. Both were CALL lessons that made extensive use of the one-netbook-to-each-student classroom setting.

2012-9-28     Presentation, with Professor Icy Lee, at the Professional Development Day of the English Schools Foundation (ESF). Attended by English teachers from ESF Secondary schools. “Digital Storytelling: What’s in it for students? And for teachers?”

2012-7-16     Talk, with Dr Benjamin Au Yeung, on “Hong Kong English and Hong Kong Chinese” at Harbour City; an event of the Hong Kong Book Fair 2012.

2012-7-7     Key address in capacity of guest of honour, Graduation Ceremony of the Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memorial School. “Nurturing a disposition of gratitude”

2012-7-4     Presentation: “What has digital storytelling got to do with creative writing?” Part of the seminar on creative writing and digital storytelling for secondary school English teachers; organised by the Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, CUHK

2012-6-30     Presentation: “Synthetic phonics: Why and How”. Part of a seminar on phonics teaching; seminar organised by the Dept of Curriculum and Instruction for primary school English teachers.

2012-6-27     Presentation to the English Department at Nan Guang International School, Foshan. “Computer Assisted Language Learning: Prospects, prospects, and prospects”.

2012-6-25     Talk for parents on “Helping our children to improve their reading and writing”; talk organised by Oxford University Press (China).

2012-6-7      Presented a paper at the 2nd International Conference on the Future of Education (Florence, Italy; June 7-8, 2012). “Renewing vocation for English Language teaching through podcasting and digital storytelling.”

2012-5-4     Presented a paper at the 4th Language in the Realm of Social Dynamics International Conference (May 3-4, 2012; The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand. “An emerging orthography for mixed code in Hong Kong”.

2012-4-28     Presented a paper at the 2nd International Conference on Technology in the Classroom (Osaka, Japan; April 27-30, 2012).

2012-3-16     Seminar on “Oral Enrichment Activities for English Language Teaching” at QualiEd College; seminar organised by the Man Kwan Educational Group.

2012-3-8     Conducted a workshop on phonics for non-English-subject teachers at TWGH C.Y. Ma Secondary School; workshop organised by the Centre for Enhancing English Learning and Teaching, CUHK

2012-3-5     Conducted a workshop on digital storytelling for the English Department, Tai Po Methodist Primary School.

2012-2-18      Workshop 1 for teachers on the Core Teachers Scheme: “Teaching Towards Basic Academic Attainments”; organised by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Macao.

2012-2-11    Talk for Primary English teachers in Macao: ‘Reflecting on Current English Language Teaching and Learning.” Organised by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, MACAO SAR Government, for the Core Teachers Scheme in support of Macao’s Curriculum Reform.

 2012-2-11     Talk for primary English teachers: “A value-based approach to English Language teaching.” Organised by OUP(China).

 2012-2-4     Talk with Dr Benjamin Au Yeung: “中英教室,無處不在”. Organised by OUP(China).


Staff development workshop for the English Department, Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memorial School: “How to design a reading comprehension unit.”


Talk for parents: “Becoming excellent readers and writers in a second language: The need for skills and strategies”. Organised by OUP(China)


Featured, along with other former recipients of the CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award, in the DVD “Capturing the Experience of Excellent Teachers at CUHK”, produced by the CUHK Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research.


Staff development workshop for the English Department, Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memorial School: “Developing students’ reading skills and strategies”.


Staff development workshop for the English Department, Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memoral School: “From phonics to reading”


Guest speaker, “When English meets Chinese”; with Dr Benjamin Au Yeung, “Free as the Wind”, RTHK Talk Show.


Conducted a workshop, with, Ms Olive Cheung, on digital storytelling for secondary school English teachers. An event under the ELITE Knowledge Transfer project headed by Professor Icy Lee.


Seminar for parents: “Teaching of Reading and Writing to Young Learners”; organized by OUP(China).


Speaker at a seminar for secondary teachers: “Becoming an Excellent Teacher of Reading and Writing”; a professional development under the ELiTE project headed by Professor Icy Lee.


Seminar for parents: “Phonics learning: Why? Why? How?; organized by OUP (China).


Staff development workshop for English Dept, Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memorial School: Reading aloud.


Staff development workshop for English Dept, Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memorial school: “Word stress for phonics instruction.”


Sze, Paul (2011). Developing ESL learners’ speaking writing and skills through digital storytelling. Paper presented at the 7th International Conference on ICT in Education, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal (May 12-13, 2011)


Staff development workshop for English Dept: “English phonemes for phonics instruction.”


TESOL Intersection presentation: “Helping non-native English speakers teaching speaking and pronunciation”; with Tracey Derwing, Patricia Pashby, Katya Nemtchinova, and Keli Yerian; the 45th TESOL Convention (March 17-19, 2011; New Orleans, USA).


Sze, Paul (2010). Catering for affect in affect in language learning through digital storytelling. Paper presented at the 4th CLS International Conference: Individual Characteristics and Subjective Variables in Language Learning, Singapore, 2-4 December 2010.


Presentation with Olive Cheung of ELTU at the CUHK Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2010: Promoting creativity and reflection through digital storytelling.


Seminar for parents: “Synthetic phonics: Why”; organized by OUP (China).


Workshop: “eLearning Pedagogies for the English Language Curriculum”; an event of the Learning and Teaching Expo 2010; organized by HKEdCity.


Departmental subject seminar: “Promoting Collaborative eLearning in the Primary English curriculum through Web 2.0 activities” (with Ms Janet Law, Ms Clare Wong, Ms Peggy Yau, Ms Bess Wong); June 26, 2010; organized by the Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, CUHK.


Sze, Paul. (2010). Digital storytelling for teachers’ professional development. Paper presented at the 2010 Euro-American Conference for Academic Disciplines, Aix-en-Provence, France, June 8-11, 2010.


Conducted last session of Learning Circle for English Language Teaching (2009-2010), organized by Tuen Mun Regional Education Office; Topic: Towards becoming a skilled teacher in questioning techniques.


Sze, Paul. (2010). Preparing ESL teachers for using digital storytelling in English Language teaching. Paper presented at the 8th Malaysia International Conference on English Language Teaching, May 11-13, 2010; Melaka, Malaysia.


Presentation:  Video-recorded panel discussion by former recipients of VC’s Exemplary Teaching Award on teaching, organized by CLEAR for the production of a experience sharing DVD for distribution among CUHK’s teaching staff.


Presented two symposia at CITE Research Symposium 2010, University of Hong Kong, March 3, 2010:

(1) Personalising English language teaching in secondary schools through technology (with Jenny Yeung and Armstrong Wong)
(2) Wikis and blogs for collaborative English language learning activities for primary school students (with Peggy Yau, Bess Wong, and Clare Wong)

Sze, Paul. (2010). Synthetic phonics for EFL learners? Paper presented at the 6th Annual CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching , 27-28 February 2010, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Workshop on peer lesson observation, for Learning Circle, EDB Tuen Mun Regional Office.

Workshop on Classroom Language, for Learning Circle, organised by EDB Tuen Mun Regional Office.

Departmental lunch time seminar (with Dr Law Huk Yuen, and Prof Yeung Sau Chu): “Storytelling as Pedagogy?”


Presented a poster, titled “Spice up your teaching with digital stories”, at the CUHK Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2009.


Conducted a workshop on digital storytelling for the English Department, Sacred Heart Canossian School, Oct 21, 2009.


Invited Presentation: Approaches to teaching phonics to young learners in Hong Kong; August 29, 2009; Seminar for parents organized by Oxford University Press.


Sze Paul. (2009). Video for peer observation: Prospects and problems; Poster presented at the 21st World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (June 22-26, 2009).


Sze, Paul (2009). Effectiveness of synthetic phonics for schoolchildren in Hong Kong: An exploratory study”. Paper presented at the European Conference for Academic Disciplines, Salzburg (June 1-4, 2009)

ELT Seminar for primary and KG principals and teachers: “Phonics teaching in Hong Kong and the prospects of synthetic phonics”; Seminar organised by OUP (China), held in Royal Plaza Hotel.


Sze, Paul. (2008). Hong Kong students’ awareness of Cantonised pronunciation of English. Paper presented at the 13th International Conference on English in Southeast Asia: Englishes and Literatures-in-English in a Globalised World; Singapore, December 4-6, 2008.


Poster presentation at EXPO: Excellence Online 2008: “Wikis for Professional Sharing”; Organised by CLEAR and ITSC of CUHK; 17/10/2008.


Speaker, Principals’ Workshop: “Enhancing the quality of learning and teaching of English: from the Primary NET Scheme perspective”; organized by the NET Section, CDI, EDB. Attendance: 49 primary school heads.


Seminar for S.4 students atCCCMongManWaiCollege: “Fan kill you: Funny mispronunciations inHong Kong”; organized by the English Department of the school; Attendance: all five S4 classes and some S5 students.


Staff development workshop on phonics for the English department, Ying Wa Primary School: “A for Apple, and for Bad Man”; organized by the English Department of the school. Attendance: all teachers of the school’s English department and PSMCD.


Staff development workshop on teaching phonics at lower secondary level for the English Department,CaritasChongYuetMingSecondary School; organized by the SMILE Project of the Faculty of Education, CUHK. Attendance: all teachers of the school’s English Department.


Presented a paper at the 4th CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching;Phnom Penh,Cambodia; title of paper: ‘Teaching phonics through awareness raising activities’.


Whole-day workshop on effective lesson observation for English panel heads and APSM(CD)s at Government Primary Schools. Workshop organized by EDB’s Government Primary Schools Section.


Workshop on phonics for lower secondary students, for English department atCaritasMardenFoundationSecondary School, Chai Wan. Workshop organized by SMILE Project, CUHK.


Seminar for English Language teachers: “Common mispronunciations inHong Kongand how to help students avoid them”; organized by Hong Kong Institute of Education Research, CUHK.


Conducted a workshop on “Developing students’ listening and speaking skills through ELT podcasts” for secondary English teachers. The seminar was organized by the EMB NET section.


Invited Commentator, Sharing Session on Teaching and Learning of English Language for Teachers in Government Primary Schools; organized by EMB Government Schools Section.


Talk: “Fun with Radio Drama”, Weekly Assembly,MethodistCollege.


Presented a paper at the IT in Education Symposium 2007, organised by HKU


Seminar on “Experiences in using Wikis for online collaborative writing”, with Dr Barley Mak & Ms Pauline Lee ofShatinPuiYingCollege; at CUHK. Seminar co-organised by the WrITE Project and KSC Project.


Presented a paper at ClaSIC 2006,Singapore: “An online peer observation platform for English language teachers inHong Kong”.


Invited speaker (with Prof Shiu Ling-po), RTHK Radio 1 “Smart Parents”, topic:The teaching and learning of phonics


Conducted a staff development workshop on scoring rubrics for English Language teachers at Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School; in collaboration with the Write Project and for the school’s QEF project “ Assessment for Learning: eAssessment Builder”.


Conducted a workshop with Mr Pun Wai Wing on podcasting and radio drama for English Language and IT teachers; organized by Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, CUHK.

2006/6/23      “My research experience”: Presentation atUniversityofLancasterfor a video resource for the UK HEFCE Project “Virtual Resources for Online Research Training”.


“Using ELT podcasts in English Language teaching”; a seminar for English Language teachers; organized by Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, CUHK

2006/2/18     Sharing at Award Presentation Ceremony for Faculty Dean’s List cum Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award 2005

2006/1/14    “New directions in the teaching of reading in the primary school”: Talk for parents atCUHKPSAThomasCheungPrimary School.

2005/11/9    Departmental lunch talk on “Using video clips as triggers for teachers’ online discussion”, with Professor Dave Coniam, and Dr Eunice Tang.

2005/9/17   “Recent developments in primary English teaching: “ Talk for parents atMrsFungPingShanLeeWingCheungPrimary School


2004/7/7      Speech in the capacity of guest of honour, Prize-giving ceremony,ThomasCheungPrimary School.

2004/1/26       Departmental lunch time Talk, Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, “What can we learn fromPISA about our students’ literary in Chinese?”; with Professors Esther Ho and Cecilia Chun.

 2002/9/14      Talk for parents on helping children with their English learning, atWongYiuNamPrimary School

2002/8/13      Talk on vocabulary enrichment techniques for S.6 students fromNewMethodCollege.

2001/02 Departmental lunch seminar with ProfessorsEvelyn Man andWong Ngai Ying on “How should we improve the level of TP supervision”

2000/12/15    Speaker, P.1 Parents’ Day,Wong Yiu Nam Primary School


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